Sawdust? You Mean Man Glitter Funny T-Shirt with Woodgrain Text Block Letters

Calling all manly men. Is your beard and hair routinely filled with sawdust? Have you been known to spend hours holed up in your workshop or man cave? This t-shirt perfectly captures your rugged spirit. It makes a great gift for carpenters, woodworkers, lumberjacks or any guy most comfortable with his tools in his hands.

“Sawdust? You mean man glitter,” reads the funny saying on this t-shirt. The sawdust colored letters have a woodgrain design making them look like they’re crafted from carved blocks of wood. So go chop a tree or saw some wood to make some more extra special man glitter.

This tee is available for a limited time from Teespring. It’s our first Teespring campaign so we hope you’ll check it out now.

T-shirts not your thing? That’s cool because this design is also available as a hoodie sweatshirt:

a coffee mug:


or a tee with long sleeves for cooler climates:


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