GOP Comments Prove to Be a Boon for the Novelty T-Shirt Industry

Last¬†week, Republican senators turned what should have been a ho-hum event into national news, when they invoked a little known rule to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren’s reading of a letter written by Coretta Scott King that was critical of Senator Jeff Sessions. The result was that the media was whipped into a frenzy and an already angry Democrat base had yet another cause to rally behind. But the other news story, was that once again the words of a GOP lawmaker had inspired scores of novelty t-shirts.

In defending the silencing of Warren, Senator Mitch McConnel said, “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted,” and creators of novelty t-shirts and bumper stickers jumped for joy, then raced for their laptops, because once again they had inadvertantly been given t-shirt slogan gold.

Soon, a sea of products featuring McConnel’s immortal words could be found on an assortment of products across the internet.


As luck (for the t-shirt makers, not so much the GOP) would have it. It wouldn’t be the only rallying cry that the incident produced because Senator Orrin Hatch in an attempt to justify the decision to silence Warren, uttered the word “Think of his wife.” The simple phrase, which could be interpreted in more than one way was too good to resist and the words were immortalized on tees, stickers and sweatshirts.


This was just the latest round of novelty products and protest gear featuring the words of Trump’s supporters
and allies. Just a few days before Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway  referenced The Bowling Green Massacre on a television news program. As no such thing as a Bowling Green Massacre actually exists, the remark launched a slew of t-shirts commemorating the nonexistent event.

It was the commander in chief himself who, upset at a federal judge who found fault with his immigration ban executive order used the phrase “so-called judge.” There were so many directions one could go in with the “so-called” qualifier from the barely political This is My So-Called T-Shirt:

To an update of the popular resistance slogan “Not My President“:

Even before he became a so-called president, Trump’s comments and those of his supporters were finding their way onto funny and ironic t-shirts. Witness the Vagenda of Manocide t-shirts that were inspired by an anti-Clinton sign posted by one rapid Trump supporter:

And of course, who can forget those taco trucks on every corner that we were promised would be the result of a Clinton victory. (Honestly, how did she not win the election on that campaign promise alone?)

It used to be that novelty t-shirt designers had to spend long hours coming up with the perfect t-shirt slogan, but dumb comments by members of the Republican party have been making their jobs easy as of late. These days the perfect t-shirt slogan is often just a news story away. It seems every time a Republican politician opens his mouth, a liberal t-shirt is born. Hey, that would make a catchy t-shirt slogan!

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