8 T-Shirts To Wear To Your Next Protest, March or Rally

Fighting for the resistance? Send the right message and let folks know where you stand on important political issues with these t-shirts. Their political message and slogans will help give voice to your ideas. They’re perfect for wearing while marching for justice, protesting unjust tyranny or at any rally or protest event. Even if you can’t make it out to the big march or protest, wear these t-shirts to let folks know you are an ally and that you believe in liberal and progressive causes whether you’re at the gym, doing your grocery shopping or at home filming a YouTube video.

1. Resist T-Shirt

If you’re going to be part of the resistance, than a Resist T-Shirt is in order. It says its message simple and clearly, but in great stylized letters that look great in a golden color.

2. Love Trumps Hate T-Shirt

The classic Love Trumps Hate T-Shirt sends a positive message with a fun play on words. Okay, there’s nothing fun about Donald Trump, but it’s okay to have a laugh or two at his expense. White sketch style letters on this dark colored shirt send a message of love and kindness in a stylish way.

3. Did I Stutter T-Shirt

Protesting the recent ban on refugees and Muslim immigrants and green card holders? This Did I Stutter Statue of Liberty T-Shirt makes its point with a classic American symbol, representing classic American values, you know the values that the government is currently trampling all over.

4. This is What A Feminist Looks Like T-Shirt

There seems to be some confusion so here’s a This Is What a Feminist Looks Like T-Shirt to set things straight.  After all, feminists come in all different shapes, sizes, ages and genders. Fighting for women’s rights or just want to make sure folks know where you stand this t-shirt lets them know loud and clear with it’s simple black letters inside a white speech bubble on these bright and bold colored tee shirts.

5. Ask Me About My Vagenda of Manocide T-Shirt

Need to crank the feminism up a notch? How about an Ask Me About My Vagenda of Manocide T-Shirt? Sure, the ridiculous phrase may have been coined by a Trump supporter in an effort to discredit Hillary Clinton, but you’ve got to admit it has a nice ring to it.

6. Not My President T-Shirt

A Not My President T-Shirt spells out your message loud and clear. You didn’t vote for him. You can’t stand him, and you know that he’s taking the country in the wrong direction. This one has retro style lettering in a nice neutral tan color and comes in a few different classic colors.

7. Believe There Is / Be The Good In The World T-Shirt

Spread some positivity in this Believe There Is Good In the World / Be the Good in the World T-Shirt. The message is a universal one and filled with hope. It’s not even really political, but in these dark times it will help you to shine a little light.

8. Visualize Whirled Peas

Lighten the mood with a Visual Whirled Peas T-Shirt. Here’s a fun way to promote world peace, but in a quirky funny sort of way. This modern version of the classic slogan features a torn piece of lined notebook paper and script style lettering.

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